Ceph nano is getting better and better

cn big updates

Long time no blog, I know, I know… Soon, I will do another blog entry to “explain” a little why I am not blogging as much I used too but if you’re still around and reading this then thank you! For the past few months, cn has grown in functionality so let’s explore what’s new and what’s coming.

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See you at the Red Hat summit

I will be attending the Red Hat summit as I’m co-presenting a lab. This goal of the lab is to deploy an OpenStack Hyperconverged environment (HCI) with Ceph. See you in San Francisco!

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Handling app signals in containers


A year ago, I was describing how we were debugging our ceph containers; today I’m back with yet another great thing we wrote :). Sometimes, when a process receives a signal and if that process runs within a container, you might want to do something before or after its termination. That’s what we are going to discuss.

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