Why should you use Galera?

Why should you use Galera instead of the classical MySQL replication!

Some reasons:

  • Galera is multi-master, NO SPOF!
  • Galera is synchronous, MySQL is asynchronous. MySQL 5.5 seems to be half-sync. Which implies no latency from the other nodes
  • Galera is multi-threaded, MySQL is single-threaded
  • Galera is easy-to-scale, MySQL needs to be configured manually
  • Galera accepts writes and reads to any node, which brings tremendous performance
  • Galera doesn’t need pacemaker, no failover, etc…
  • Galera works nice with WAN replication
  • Automatic membership control (TOTEM protocol)
  • No slave lag
  • No binlog position to set
  • Mix well with load-balancer: HAProxy, pen, GLB, LVS…
  • Percona repos available

Not everything’s perfect like:

  • Galera only supports InnoDB engine, pass this one.
  • The MySQL version is patched
  • Require at least 3 nodes (true limitation?), 2 nodes + garbd is also ok

If you are still not convinced, give a try!