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OpenStack Nova Snapshots on Ceph RBD

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I have been waiting for this feature for more than a year and it is almost there! This likely brings us one step toward diskless compute nodes. This “under the hood” article will explain the mechanisms in place to perform fast and efficient Nova instance snapshots directly in Ceph.

The Ceph and TCMalloc Performance Story

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This article simply relays some recent discovery made around Ceph performance. The finding behind this story is one of the biggest improvement in Ceph performance that has been seen in years. So I will just highlight and summarize the study in case you do not want to read it entirely.

Ceph at the OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

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With this article, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for voting for our presentation. It is always with a great pleasure that we will give you the last updates of Ceph developments happening in OpenStack.

Ceph talks coverage at the next OpenStack summit:

Ceph Cluster on Docker for Testing

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I haven’t advertised this one really much (even if I’ve been using it in some articles). Since people are still wondering how to quickly get a full Ceph cluster up and running for testing, I believe it deserves its own article so it will get more visibility. Re-introducing the Ceph demo container. This is going to be a really short article :).

Ceph: Get the Best of Your SSD With Primary Affinity

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Using SSD drives in some part of your cluster might useful. Specially under read oriented workloads. Ceph has a mechanism called primary affinity, which allows you to put a higher affinity on your OSDs so they will likely be primary on some PGs. The idea is to have reads served by the SSDs so clients can get faster reads.