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Ceph: Recover OSDs After SSD Journal Failure

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A common recommendation is to store OSD journal on a SSD drive which implies loosing your OSD if this journal fails. This article assumes that your OSDs have been originally deployed with ceph-disk. You will also realise that it’s really simple to bring your OSDs back to life after replacing your faulty SSD with a new one.

Interested in Ceph? Join Us at the OpenStack Summit in Paris!

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The next OpenStack summit is just around the corner and as usual Josh Durgin and I will lead the Ceph and OpenStack design session. This session is scheduled for November 3 from 11:40 to 13:10, find the description link here. The etherpad is already available here so don’t hesitate to add your name to the list along with your main subject of interest. See you in Paris!