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Stacker! Cepher! What's next?

Interested in Ceph? Join Us at the OpenStack Summit in Paris!

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The next OpenStack summit is just around the corner and as usual Josh Durgin and I will lead the Ceph and OpenStack design session. This session is scheduled for November 3 from 11:40 to 13:10, find the description link here. The etherpad is already available here so don’t hesitate to add your name to the list along with your main subject of interest. See you in Paris!

See You at the CephDay London 2!

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This second edition of the CephDay London looks really promising. You should definitely look at the agenda! Talks go from OpenStack to deep performance studies and crossing CephFS news!

Check this out on the Eventbrite page.

I hope to see you there! I don’t have any talks, at least for once I’ll be watching :-).

Ceph and Enhanceio

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Almost two years ago, I was writing the results of the experiments with Flashcache. Today this blog post is a featured post, this howto was written by Andrei Mikhailovsky. Thanks for his contribution to this blog :-).

OpenStack at the CephDays Paris

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Save the date (September 18, 2014) and join us at the new edition of the Ceph Days in Paris. I will be talking about the new amazing stuff that happened during this (non-finished yet) Juno cycle. Actually I’ve never seen so many patch sets in one cycle :D. Things are doing well for Ceph in OpenStack! Deploying Ceph with Ansible will be part of the talk as well.

The full schedule is available, don’t forget to register to the event.

Hope to see you there!