Ceph Ansible first release

Ceph Ansible started as a personnal project, the reason was simple I wanted to have an in-depth look at Ansible. Thus I immediatly thought, why not try to deploy Ceph with Ansible. Moreover, I have never been a huge of Puppet and ceph-deploy was a couple of months old, so to me Ansible was the right answer.

After almost 2 years of developement (first commit), I am glad to annonce that ceph-ansible will now a release cycle process. With the help of git tags, we will be providing point in time releases with new features.

From the past 2 years, ceph-ansible has seen some good contributions.

Now, let me give you some news about ceph-ansible latest capabilities:

  • CI to test each pull request
  • Roles available on Ansible Galaxy and part of the Ceph organization
  • Support for all the Ceph releases
  • Support for RHEL and RHCS
  • Support for Ansible v2
  • Improve package upgrade logic for rolling update
  • Support for dnf
  • Support for systemd
  • Support for more templating options (use variables to populate the ceph.conf)
  • Scan network ports to avoid firewalling issues

And many more!

Since Ansible has an option to run cowsay and since I like the cartoon “Cow and Chicken“ I’ve been thinking of using characters names for the releases :). Thus the first one is named “Chicken“. There are not so much characters (apparently 20), so this won’t last long.

As a personnal project, I really see this as an achievement so I’d like to thank everyone for their support! You can check out the release on Github.