Busy busy days!

Busy busy days

Oh wait is it the end of the year already? Dear readers, no sebastien-han.fr is not dead (it actually got a bit more color since yesterday) and yes I know… I haven’t posted anything for more than a month I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with the pace I’ve committed too, sorry about that :-/.

This post is probably the last one of this year, so it’s time for a little retrospective.

The hazards of life!

To be fully honest, I had personal things that needed a lot of attention, so that dragged me away a little bit. Things just calmed down so I should resume at a normal pace as of next year. Moreover, I’ve been traveling quite intensively, even if this might sound exciting (and it is, don’t get me wrong), it is also tiring and time consuming. That’s why I shared many presentations this year. Not sure how next year is going to look like though… I already know I’ll be away the second week of January in the US, so 2017 starts off the wheel!

My job at Red Hat

I’m not sure if I mentioned that already or not but last May I joined the Ceph Engineering team at Red Hat. I was already working for Red Hat but part of another entity. So last May, things got real and went crazy. To clarify my role at Red Hat, I’m responsible for leading the integration of Ceph within 3 products:

  • Lead maintainer for Ceph Ansible: upstream and downstream efforts
  • Lead maintainer for Containerized Ceph: upstream and downstream efforts
  • Integration of Ceph into OpenStack

This means doing code, providing vision and guidance, building reference architectures. Above all of that, I try to evangelize my work as much as I can by attending conferences and doing public speeches. Obviously, I have colleagues to second me on these topics, which is really enjoyable, thanks guys!

So voilà, this is my exciting life at Red Hat :).

2017, incoming!

Next year, I think you will see me in the container space like never before. I know it sounds like I said that already almost a year ago… But I promise next year is the year :). I’m planning on resuming some of my work on running Ceph on Kubernetes (blog post coming!), I’ll also work closely with the OpenStack Kolla Kubernetes project. So next year, Ceph will run in a container (it already does btw) in a more robust fashion and a nicer integration with Kubernetes.

I tried to make this post reasonably short as I realize some of you might not be interested in those things haha. Enjoy the rest of the year, Merry Christmas, as for me I’ll see you next year ;)