Fresh start version 2 explained.

The time has come for Octopress!

I think you already noticed it, I moved my website from Wordpress to an open source framework called Octopress. With thoses changes come a new philisophy for my personnal website. This one is now truly oriented open source and thus all the Windows tutorials has been deleted. It’s a free and an open zone for sharing.

What else?

Some of Octopress benefits:

  • Full static website, it means no databases
  • No hack! No intrusion! No injections!
  • At the first it was Nginx + Varnish = <3
  • And then arrived Amazon S3… Bucket’s rules!

Poor wordpress?

Wordpress helped me quite well during many years but it seems to heavy for me and it provides too many unnecessary functionnalities/features those I don’t care/use. Instead of Wordpress, Octopress is really focus on performance and for a single purpose: blogging easily and more efficiently in a good geeky way!

Did you say migration?

Since I don’t have a lot of articles (around 60). I prefered migrate from scratch. There is several projects on Github which provide conversion script from html to markdown. Unfortunetly there is a lot of issues, this is not 100% guaranted. Furthermore, thanks to this migration I really improved my VIM skills. At the end, that was an excellent choice.

#What’s next?

From now, all the new post will be in english. I’ll also truly focusing on Linux, High Availability and OpenStack stuff. The old articles will stay in french since I don’t really have time to translate them.