Sorry I'm French...

m French...

Unusual post for unusual situation. Try to put an end to the massacre.

Sometimes it’s not easy to be French, people think that you don’t speak English and that you always eat good food. I guess that’s kind of the same behavior that the rest of world can have about Chinese and Kung-Fu skills. Not every Chinese knows nor practices martial arts. Anyway the latest funiest thing was about my firstname. It’s always funny and also annoying to see how people just don’t pay attention to things. Most of the people think that my name is Sebastian. Sorry my name is… wait lift your eyes just a bit on top of the page.. oh yes! SÉBASTIEN. I’ll ironically say that I don’t care about the accent because QWERTY keyboard is way more popular than my national AZERTY keyboard. It could be boring to check the special character. For your information the ASCII code is: 130 for é. No more excuses now ^^.

Top of the worst spell for my firstname:

  1. Sebestian
  2. Sebastién
  3. Sebastein
  4. Sebastian

By the way, it’s not rage, it’s funny!

So a word to the wise.