Disable CephX for v0.55 and higher

A lot of new features came with the version 0.55 of Ceph, one of them is that CephX authentication is enable by default. If you run v0.48 Argonaut without CephX and want to update to the latest Bobtail, you might run through some problems if you don’t edit your configuration file.

In previous versions stable branch, you could simply use the following setting:

auth supported = [cephx | none]

This option is now deprecated. Bobtail now integrates a new finer-grained authentication, it supports 3 new authentication methods:

  • cluster:
  • service: internal daemons communication, for instance OSD to OSD connections
  • client: client side, machine that tries to connect to the cluster

By default daemons require CephX authentication, which means that OSD, MON and MDS will now use CephX to connect to each others. ON the other side, clients will continue to connect with disabled authentication.

auth cluster required = none    
auth service required = none

To disable client authentication as well:

auth client required = none

W Important: If your cluster does not currently have an auth supported line that enables authentication, you must explicitly turn it off in Bobtail using the settings below.::

Et voilà !