Take over an existing Ceph cluster with Ceph Ansible

Take over an existing Ceph cluster with Ceph Ansible

Ceph Ansible has tons of awesome capabilities, one of them is the possibility to plug on ane existing cluster that was not deployed with it. In this article, I will go through the take over procedure.

The procedure is rather simple. If the cluster was deployed with the following project there won’t be any issue:

The procedure comes as fellow:

  1. Install Ansible and add your monitors and osds hosts in it. For more detailed information you can read the Ceph Ansible Wiki
  2. Set generate_fsid: false in group_vars
  3. Get your current cluster fsid with ceph fsid and set cluster_fsid accordingly in group_vars
  4. Run the playbook called: take-over-existing-cluster.yml like this ansible-playbook take-over-existing-cluster.yml.
  5. Eventually run Ceph Ansible to validate everything by doing: ansible-playbook site.yml.

Now we can enjoy the power of Ceph Ansible :)