Devstack Ceph updates

Devstack Ceph updates

For the last three months we got some really nifty new features on the Ceph Devstack plugin.

I am really exited to share this list with you:

  • Support for systemd, which brings a wider variety of operating system support such as Ubuntu 16.04, Fedora 23 and 24, RHEL 7, CentOS 7.
  • Support for new Ceph releases up to Jewel, prior to this change only Hammer was supported.
  • Deploy Ceph Metadata server for CephFS.
  • CephFS Manila support, you can deploy Manila with the CephFS driver.
  • Keystone version 3 support for Rados Gateway, Jewel can connect to a Keystone v3 API and grant access to serve the REST API.
  • Deploy Rados Gateway as a Glance backend, you can use Rados Gateway as a replacement for S3 already but now you can use it to store Glance images

If you are looking at using the ceph plugin for devstack you can start with this repository that will guide you through the procedure.