Logging in Ceph

Configure logging in Ceph.

If you have read my previous article about OpenStack and Rsyslog, you already know that I don’t like to log INFO or basically all severities below 5. I also like to centralized my ERROR log to a rsyslog server.

In order to only enable logs in syslog, perform the following changes in your ceph.conf:

log file = none
log to syslog = true
err to syslog = true

mon cluster log to syslog = true
mon cluster log file = none

R Note: if you don’t set none, monitors and OSDs will keep writing into a file, so you will end up with both syslog and file filled.

At the moment it’s not possible to restrict log level to a certain severity nor a certain facility, simply because LOG_USER has been hardcoded.

See the feature opened on the Ceph Tracker.

If you want to dive into all the debugging options, I recommend you to read Ceph official documentation.

I really look forward a better logging implementation :-).