Build Kubernetes from source

It is crucial to know how to build Kubernetes from source if you want to implement new features.

$ git clone
$ cd kubernetes/
$ sudo yum install -y golang
$ ./hack/

On a different window, run the following

$ cluster/ config set-cluster local --server= --insecure-skip-tls-verify=true
$ cluster/ config set-context local --cluster=local
$ cluster/ config use-context local

On yet another different window, run the following command to run kubelet on command line and see verbose logging message

$ pkill -9 kubelet
$ ~/kubernetes/_output/local/bin/linux/amd64/kubelet --v=3 --chaos_chance=0.0 --container_runtime=docker --hostname_override= --address= --api_servers= --port=10250

You are good to go! Happy hacking with k8s!