OpenStack Storage for Dummies book


With the help of two colleagues, I’ve been busy writing this little book about storage in OpenStack. The book is quite general but gives some good perspectives on storage challenges you will face in OpenStack. It explains why traditional storage solutions will not work and how Ceph addresses these issues. Ultimately describing why Ceph is the best solution for your OpenStack cloud.

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OpenStack Nova snapshots on Ceph RBD

I have been waiting for this feature for more than a year and it is almost there! This likely brings us one step toward diskless compute nodes. This “under the hood” article will explain the mechanisms in place to perform fast and efficient Nova instance snapshots directly in Ceph.

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Ceph at the OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

With this article, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for voting for our presentation. It is always with a great pleasure that we will give you the last updates of Ceph developments happening in OpenStack.

Ceph talks coverage at the next OpenStack summit:

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OpenStack Summit Tokyo: time to vote

Yet again and for the second time this year, it is time to vote for summit presentations :). Self promotion ahead :).

As always, Josh and I will present the newest addition of Liberty for Ceph in OpenStack. I don’t want to spoil to much but what I can tell you is this cycle is doing well and most of the wanted features would likely land in Liberty. So if you want to see all the amazing things that happened during this cycle:

This presentation will be a follow up on Dude where’s my volume? talk from Vancouver.

Thanks in advance for your votes and support :).

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