: Devops D-Day: Rook-Ceph a storage Orchestrator for Kubernetes

: KubeCon North America Virtual: Storage and Networking: Rook on Multus


: KubeCon Europe Virtual: Rook Ceph Deep Dive


: KubeCon San Diego: Rook Deep Dive

: KubeCon Barcelona: Rook, Ceph, and ARM: A Caffeinated Tutorial

: Rook just landed on operatorhub.io

: Hey! What's up?!

: Open Infrastructure Summit Denver: Rook 101

: OpenStack and Ceph for Distributed Hyperconverged Edge Deployments

: Ceph nano is getting better and better


: OpenStack Summit Berlin: Distributed Hyperconvergence Pushing Openstack and Ceph to the Edge

: Ceph meetup Paris

: OpenStack Summit Vancouver: How to Survive an OpenStack Cloud Meltdown with Ceph

: See you at the OpenStack Summit

: See you at the Red Hat summit

: Ceph Nano big updates

: Ansible module to manage CephX Keys

: Handling app signals in containers

: See you at the first Cephalocon

: Huge changes in ceph-container

: Ansible module to create CRUSH hierarchy


: Learning Ceph - Second Edition

: Introducing ceph-nano

: Introducing Ceph Ansible profile library

: OpenStack Summit Syndey: Delivering OpenStack and Ceph in containers

: The new Ceph container demo is super dope!

: OpenStack Cinder configure replication API with Ceph

: Ceph Docker better support for Bluestore

: OpenStack Summit Boston: Deterministic Storage Performance

: Disabling scenarios in ceph-docker

: Test Ceph Luminous pre-release with ceph-docker

: Ceph manager support in ceph-ansible and ceph-docker

: Debug Ceph Docker containers

: Containerize Ceph: store config options in monitor KV store

: No more privileged containers for Ceph OSDs

: Ceph and RBD mirroring, upcoming enhancements

: Blog post on InformationWeek

: Ceph RBD and iSCSI

: Ceph, the future of storage, incoming features blog series


: Ceph Rados Gateway and NFS

: Busy busy days!

: Ceph ansible is building its community

: Run multiple Rados Gateways on the same host with Ceph Ansible

: Configure OpenStack Glance for RBD mirroring

: OpenStack Summit Barcelona: Yo dawg I herd you like Containers, so we put OpenStack and Ceph in Containers

: Devstack Ceph supports containerized Ceph

: Ceph migrate from non-containerized to containerized daemons

: Devstack Ceph updates

: See you at the Red Hat Forum Seoul

: Ceph ansible can now shrink your cluster

: Ceph ansible now supports dmcrypt

: OpenStack Summit Barcelona: time to vote

: Introducing ceph-lazy

: Ceph zap device container

: Ceph RBD mirror daemon available in containers

: My tmux config

: Quick dive into hyperconverged architecture with OpenStack and Ceph

: OpenStack Storage for Dummies book

: Red Hat Summit 2016: A Container Stack for OpenStack

: Red Hat Summit 2016: Peanut butter and jelly: Mapping the deep integration between OpenStack and Ceph

: See you at the Red Hat summit

: Busy working on ceph-docker :)

: Configure Rados Gateway Civetweb with SSL

: Make Rados Gateway (civetweb) bind on a specific IP

: Using Ubuntu? Planning on using Ceph Jewel? Here what you should consider

: The OpenStack Ceph Galaxy

: OpenStack Cinder: discard support for Ceph in Mitaka

: Bootstrap two Ceph and configure RBD mirror using Ceph Ansible

: Ceph Jewel: configure BlueStore with multiple devices

: Take over an existing Ceph cluster with Ceph Ansible

: OpenStack Summit Austin: protecting the galaxy Multi-Region Disaster Recovery with OpenStack and Ceph

: sebastien-han.fr version 3

: Ceph Jewel Preview: map RBD devices on NBD

: Ceph Jewel Preview: Ceph RBD mirroring

: Your first Ceph OSD backed by BlueStore with ceph-ansible

: Ceph Jewel Preview: a new store is coming, BlueStore

: Use Ceph Ansible to build and deploy Ceph from master branch

: Migrate Ceph cluster from one distro to another

: See you at the Open Compute summit

: Ceph Ansible first release

: Mobile World Congress: Containerizing Ceph

: Github get the contributor list of a repository

: OpenStack Summit Austin: Time To Vote

: Easily deploy containerized Ceph daemons with Vagrant

: Use Ansible to configure containers


: Ceph: Modification Time of RBD Images

: Ceph CRUSH rule: 1 copy SSD and 1 copy SATA

: Ceph CRUSH two copies in one rack

: Ceph: properly remove an OSD

: Ceph is moving outside DevStack core to a plugin

: Ceph: find an OSD location and restart it

: Five useful new features from Ceph Infernalis

: OpenStack Summit Tokyo: Ceph and OpenStack Current Integration and Roadmap

: Ceph, Containers and OpenStack presentation

: OpenStack Nova snapshots on Ceph RBD

: OpenStack Nova: configure multiple Ceph backends on one hypervisor

: Ceph: release RAM used by TCMalloc

: The Ceph and TCMalloc performance story

: Ceph at the OpenStack Summit Tokyo 2015

: Ceph: validate that the RBD cache is active

: CephFS: determine a file location

: Ceph cluster on Docker for testing

: Getting started with the Docker RBD volume plugin

: Ceph: get the best of your SSD with primary affinity

: Deploy Ceph on Docker with Ansible

: OpenStack Summit Tokyo: time to vote

: Deploy Ceph on bare metal with Ansible

: See what the Ceph client sees

: Ceph enable the object map feature

: Build Kubernetes from source

: Bring persistent storage for your containers with KRBD on Kubernetes

: Map a RBD device inside a Docker container

: Bootstrap your Ceph cluster in Docker

: Deploy Ceph monitors on Kubernetes

: Ceph is complaining: too many PGs

: OpenStack cinder: readonly device

: Ceph: activate RBD readahead

: Ceph OSD daemon config diff

: OpenStack Summit Vancouver: Ceph and OpenStack current integration and roadmap

: OpenStack Glance: use multiple location for an image

: OpenStack Glance: a first glimpse at image conversion

: OpenStack Glance: deactivate an image

: Ceph using Monitor key/value store

: Ceph: manually repair object

: Stretching Ceph networks

: Feel the awk power

: Ceph: analyse journal write pattern

: Ceph rolling upgrades with Ansible

: OpenStack Summit Vancouver: thanks for your votes

: OpenStack: reserve memory on your hypervisors

: OpenStack Glance NFS and Compute local direct fetch

: OpenStack guest and watchdog

: Analyse OpenStack guest writes and reads running on Ceph

: Quick and efficient Ceph DevStacking

: OpenStack and Backup

: OpenStack summit Vancouver talks: Ceph and OpenStack upgrades

: OpenStack: perform consistent snapshots with Qemu Guest Agent

: OpenStack and Ceph: RBD discard

: Ceph recover a RBD image from a dead cluster

: Ceph and KRBD discard

: OpenStack Cinder with Ceph under the hood

: OpenStack: disable a compute node during its first bootstrap

: Ceph reset perf counter

: Fix nova-scheduler issue with RBD and UUID not found

: 2014 retrospective

: OpenStack configure VM migrate nova SSH


: Ceph: collect Kernel RBD logs

: Ceph: Cache Tier Statistics

: DevStack and remote Ceph cluster

: OpenStack: import existing Ceph volumes in Cinder

: Ceph: recover OSDs after SSD journal failure

: OpenStack Glance: import images and convert them directly in Ceph

: OpenStack Glance: disable cache management while using Ceph RBD

: OpenStack Glance: allow user to create public images

: Ceph: monitor store taking up a lot of space

: Interested in Ceph? Join us at the OpenStack summit in Paris!

: See you at the CephDay London 2!

: Ceph: how to test if your SSD is suitable as a journal device?

: Ceph and Enhanceio

: CephDays Paris: Ceph in OpenStack and deploy Ceph!

: Ceph: RBD import and export get parallelized in Giant

: Analyse Ceph object directory mapping on disk

: OpenStack at the CephDays Paris

: OpenStack: use ephemeral and persistent root storage for different hypervisors

: Ceph: mix SATA and SSD within the same box

: A must-have cron job on your OpenStack Cloud

: Ansible greatest trick: iterate over a set of host

: Start with the RBD support for TGT

: UNSTABLE: test the dynamic tree partitionning with multiple Ceph MDS

: Ceph cache pool tiering: a scalable and distributed cache

: Start considering Ceph as a backend for OpenStack Cinder (to replace LVM)

: Back from the Juno summit Ceph integration into OpenStack

: OpenStack Summit Atlanta: OpenStack and Ceph: the Winning Pair

: Vagrant up: install Ceph in one command

: Ceph: monitoring with the Ceph Admin API

: Ceph maintenance with Ansible

: Ceph: real men use the memstore backend

: Don't burn down your OpenStack cloud

: Ansible Ceph playbook updates

: Announcing Ansible playbooks for Ceph!

: CephDays Frankfurt: Ceph performance

: See you at the Cephdays in Frankfurt

: Ceph IO patterns: the ugly

: Ceph IO patterns: the bad

: Ceph IO patterns: the good

: Crash course: next generation servers with containers

: FOSDEM 2014: Ceph The De Facto Storage Backend for OpenStack

: Access a Docker container without ssh

: Ceph: snapshot a RBD instance with QEMU-UTILS

: Check if KVM has the support of Ceph

: Ceph: managing CRUSH with the CLI

: Docker at Spotify

: Ceph admin API init script

: 2013 retrospective


: OpenStack, Ceph RBD and QoS

: Real size of a Ceph RBD image

: VirtualBox Mac OS X 10.9: boot from an USB drive

: RBD image bigger than your Ceph cluster

: Ceph RADOS benchmarks replica impacts

: OpenStack in action 4: Ceph The De Facto Storage Backend for OpenStack

: Ceph performance: interesting things going on

: Quick update Ceph: from Argonaut to Cuttlefish

: Back from Icehouse OpenStack summit: Ceph/OpenStack integration

: Ceph: find who's mapping a RBD device

: Map/unmap RBD device on boot/shutdown

: Ceph RBD objects placement

: OpenStack Summit Hong Kong: Ceph The De Facto Storage Backend for OpenStack

: OpenStack Summit Hong Kong: It Not Just An Unicorn

: OpenStack survey 2013

: Build a PaaS zone within your OpenStack cloud

: CephDays London: Performance and benchmarking

: CoreOS, a good operating system for your OpenStack controllers

: Quick analysis of the Ceph IO layer

: See you at the cephday in London

: How I barely got my first Ceph monitor running in Docker

: A gentle introduction to the erasure coding

: OpenStack Heat and Ceilometer got their dashboard panel

: OpenStack Havana flush token manually

: First glimpse at CoreOS

: Want to save money in the Cloud? OpenStack CoreOS image is there

: Configure Ceph RBD caching on OpenStack Nova

: Consistent hosts file with Ansible

: Best localrc for DevStack

: Openstack: unexplained high CPU load on compute nodes

: DevStack in 1 minute

: Configure Ubuntu 12.04 to use SOL

: Ceph: update Cephx Keys

: OpenStack 3rd years retrospective

: OpenStack: instance evacuation goes to host

: Two nice websites to build Vagrant template

: OpenStack: perform a live migration using a specific NIC

: What I think about CephFS in OpenStack

: Some horizon enhancements

: Ceph integration in OpenStack: Grizzly update and roadmap for Havana

: Grizzly Nova: what's new in the API CLI?

: Nova: archive deleted rows

: Deploy a Ceph MDS server

: Use existing RBD image and put it into Glance

: Ceph and Cinder multi-backend

: Play with Ceph - Vagrant Box

: OpenStack Summit Portland: High Availability from DevOps Side

: Some Ceph experiments

: See you at the OpenStack summit

: Openstack: quickly fix mirrored queues errors

: Ceph Puppet Modules

: Grizzly availability zones

: Ceph: change PG number on the fly

: MySQL and general logs

: OpenStack: override DHCP information sent by DNSMASQ to a VM

: Purge some MySQL binary logs

: Mount a specific pool with CephFS

: Ceph geo-replication (sort of)

: OpenStack Nova and availability zones

: Ceph and memory profiling

: Sound problems with Chrome 24 on Mac OS X 10.8.2

: Disable CephX for v0.55 and higher

: OpenStack maintenance mode

: Logging in Ceph

: Happy New Year 2013


: Christmas break

: Where does my instance run?

: NFS attribute caching performance impact on web applications

: Cleanup keystone tokens

: OpenStack: perform consistent snapshots

: Ceph: manage storage zones with CRUSH

: Openstack and rsyslog

: Ceph and MDS

: Last friday failover and Stonith were evil...

: Make your RBD fly with flashcache

: Tip: OpenStack Retrieve usage statictics

: Tip: lock an instance against admin permissions

: Tip: Add a specific keypair to a flavor

: Manage your symlinks with Pacemaker

: Optimized your SSD

: Ceph: inject configuration without restart

: Highly Available LVS

: Sorry I'm French...

: Ceph: placement groups

: Galera arbitrator resource agent

: Delete a VM in error state (Folsom)

: Xtradb/Galera and bonded interface

: Introducing ceph-deploy

: Quantum plugin comparison

: From nova-network to quantum

: Openstack: memory overcommit

: Openstack: play with quota

: Pacemaker load-balancing with Clone

: Inktank's guys are awesome

: Fencing LXC containers with STONITH

: Make a volume persistent on reboot

: Why should you use Galera?

: Ceph cli output analysis

: Setup Galera with SST XtraBackup method

: Ceph benchmarks

: Ceph: maintenance mode, use case and common operations

: Ceph admin socket

: Ceph tip: build your monitor map

: Multi MySQL instances with Galera

: OpenStack: Auto assign floating IP

: Corosync: Redundant Ring Protocol

: Tip Ceph: public/private network configuration

: Broken rake after update to Mountain Lion

: Tip: watch your nova log at the same time

: Make the network of your VMs fly with the virtio driver

: RBD objects analysis

: OpenStack block migration

: Play with OpenStack instance metadata

: Delete a VM in an error state

: Management server

: NFS over RBD

: Remove a MDS server from a Ceph cluster

: Download a Glance image from RBD

: OpenStack: Nova components HA

: OpenStack: Glance and Keystone HA

: Use RBD on a client

: Setup Cloud Pipe VPN in OpenStack

: Introducing FlashCache

: Delete a tenant in OpenStack

: Introducing Ceph to OpenStack

: Managing Open Source Cloud Platforms

: Differences between active-active and active-passive cluster

: Connection state of a NIC

: OpenStack High Availability: RabbitMQ

: OpenStack High Availability 1/??

: Active/Passive failover using Keepalived on a MySQL Galera cluster with HAProxy

: The War for Open Source Clouds

: MAASive round 2

: Open Source History

: Failover active/passive on NFS using Pacemaker and DRBD

: Simply audit a pacemaker based cluster

: Respawn a pacemaker cluster

: DRBD split-brain in Pacemaker

: Cluster FAQ

: LSB Compatibility Checks script

: Active/Passive failover cluster on a MySQL Galera Cluster with HAProxy (custom ocf agent)

: Active/Passive failover cluster with Pacemaker on a MySQL-Galera cluster with HAProxy (LSB agent)

: MAASively buggy?

: MySQL-Galera cluster with HAproxy

: MySQL multi-master replication with Galera

: Simple SSH Whitelist

: Fresh start

: Working with time

: Mise en place d’Orchestra

: Configurer un Honeypot SSH

: Redis: cache backend pour Magento

: Tips: Installation silencieuse d’Ubuntu Server

: Introduction à Juju avec LXC

: Benchmark rapides sur un serveur

: Tips: Hardening SSH

: OpCode cache: XCache pour Magento


: Tips: 5 astuces Bash – 5

: Serveur Memcached pour Magento

: Tips: 5 astuces Bash – 4

: Authentification SSH forte par deux facteurs avec Google Authenticator

: Tips: 5 astuces Bash – 3

: Optimisation diverses pour Magento

: Tips: 5 astuces Bash – 2

: Tips: 5 astuces Bash – 1

: Introduction au stockage en entreprise

: Tips: reset mot de passe root MySQL

: Culture G: Scalability

: RAID Over IP en mode Actif/Passif sur un failover cluster

: Introduction au cluster sous Linux

: Introduction au RAID sous Linux

: Pourquoi avoir un NAS chez soi ?

: Tour d'horizon sur SSH

: Introduction à la virtualisation

: Les XaaS et types de Cloud

: Google Apps for Business

: Les IaaS

: Les PaaS

: Les SaaS

: Le Cloud Computing